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Brand: Ricard
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Nothing like a refreshing Ricard as an aperitif! Founded 1932 in Marseille by Paul Ricard; the original recipe has remained a secret ever since. Ricard is the world's No. 1 anise-based spirit drink.

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Ricard is the reference brand for anise-based alcoholic beverages, the reputation of this pastís (a liquor made from the maceration of aromatic herbs) is based on the quality and variety of its natural and special ingredients. Its production is subject to the strictest standards at each stage: throughout the entire production process, each Ricard bottle is subject to more than 50 quality controls.

According to Paul Ricard's original recipe, the pastís Ricard should be served cold and diluted in a standard serving of five to seven volumes of water per one of pastís; which considerably reduces the alcoholic graduation of the drink. The unique recipe makes an ideal combination with syrups (such as pomegranate, mint, orgeat) or fruit juices (mango, strawberry, blueberry).

45ml of Ricard
100 to 140ml of water
Ice cubes

How to serve it?
Pour the Ricard into a tall glass and add the water. Add 2 to 3 ice cubes afterwards.

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