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Brand: Jameson
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Jameson has an exceptionally smooth taste, like no other whiskey. This is due to its triple distillation.

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Jameson is the most consumed Irish whiskey in the world, found in more than 138 markets, and ranks as one of the top 10 spirits brands in the world. Today 31 million bottles are sold worldwide.

Triple Distillation is the work of Jameson. Most Scottish and American whiskeys have only two distillations, but Jameson uses three, as a hallmark of this brand, giving it a much smoother character, as more impurities are removed during this third distillation process.

Tasting notes:
Its color recalls a warm and golden sunset, with a soft and fragrant aroma, with notes of toasted wood and Sherry. Exceptionally smooth, sweet and complex flavor. Delicate fusion of flavors such as vanilla, oak and honey, complemented by spices, caramel and nuts; and in the soft aftertaste a mixture of complex flavors that delicately linger on the palate.

Miguel Angel
25/01/2022 23:18

This the Irish Whiskey I cannot turn down, ideal for the best Irish Coffee.

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