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Brand: Havana Club
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From the rich experience and constant innovation of the Cuban Rum Masters in the production of white rums that one of its best exponents has had in the Havana Club Añejo 3 Years, Havana Club Profundo is now born, an exquisite, versatile, complex rum. , which reveals a different quality in each sip.

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This unique blend expresses both the rich experience and the constant innovation of our Masters of Cuban Rum in white rums making, highlighting Havana Club 3 Years Old as one of its best exponents. Under the slogan "Live Deep", this new product satisfies demanding and knowledgeable consumers. It will also be the selected rum to revive refined cocktails, such as the classic natural Daiquiri, at the peak of special occasions.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Straw yellow, bright, clean and transparent.
Smell: Intense, characteristic of cane spirits, fruity, with herbaceous nuances and notes of oak.
Flavor: intense, smooth and harmonious, herbaceous, dry, fills the palate with a marked permanence in the mouth, without itching or harshness when swallowing, marked and persistent aftertaste.

21/01/2022 10:45

Mi nuevo Ron blanco favorito!! Me encanta en mi Daiquiri pero también a veces lo disfruto solo.

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