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Brand: Beefeater
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Created in 1876 by James Burrough and since that date the same recipe has always been used for its preparation.

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It is the only London Dry Gin that continues to be distilled in the heart of London, reflecting the authentic spirit of this city. During the last ten years Beefeater has obtained 76 of the most recognized awards in the world of spirits, 35 awards away from the next winner, consolidating itself, as well as the best gin in the world for the tenth consecutive year. Beefeater is made using neutral grain alcohol, in which the botanical components that give it its characteristic flavor and aroma are macerated (juniper berries, along with bitter orange and lemon peel, almonds, orris root, coriander seeds, root and angelica and licorice seeds). Beefeater produces more than 27 million bottles of gin from the very heart of London, in a discreet brick building in the Kennington neighborhood.

The spirit of London:
Beefeater is synonymous of London, since its origins it creates an indissoluble relation with the city by linking the product with the Beefeaters, soldiers who for hundreds of years have guarded The Tower of London and the Crown Jewels.

Miguel Angel
27/01/2022 00:32

Nothing like a Gin & Tonic with Beefeater!

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